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Dp Treadmill

Dp treadmill : Best value treadmills.

Dp Treadmill

dp treadmill

dp treadmill – LifeSpan Fitness

LifeSpan Fitness TR 2000-HRC Treadmill
LifeSpan Fitness TR 2000-HRC Treadmill
The LifeSpan TR2000-HRC folding treadmill is durable, reliable, and loaded with valuable features, helping you walk, jog, or run with confidence in the comfort of your own home. The award-winning treadmill’s pleasing design includes wraparound handlebars, which let you control your speed and incline without ever removing your hands from the handlebars. As a result, you can run or walk without losing your concentration or balance while adjusting your pace. The TR2000-HRC is also built for comfort and power, with a 2.5-horsepower motor, 2.5-inch tapered rollers, a spacious 20-by-56-inch running surface, and a biomechanically sound deck suspension system that supports up to 350 pounds. Plus, the motor is tucked underneath the frame, saving you floor space and letting you get close to the console without stepping on the front hood as you exercise.

The blue backlit LCD display tracks your time, distance, calories, and more.
The centerpiece of the TR2000-HRC, however, is the large blue backlit display, which offers several simultaneous readouts and exercise programs to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. The display tracks your time, current speed, current incline, heart rate, distance traveled, and step count, with four preset quick speed and quick incline buttons helping you get going. More importantly, the console offers a variety of preset workout programs that help you vary your exercise routine–a critical factor for people trying to get in optimal shape. Options include six incline and five speed programs; a decline program that varies your downhill gradients to ease knee and joint pain; a step-counting program that can contribute to your total daily step count; and a distance program that helps you train for an upcoming event.

The treadmill includes a folding frame with an automatic EZ-Drop system.
In addition to the preset programs, the treadmill offers two My Zone heart rate control programs and two custom programs. The My Zone Constant program keeps your heart rate at a constant level–thereby using your heart rate as a fitness tool–while the My Zone Interval program lets you enter your own minimum and maximum hear rate. As you exercise, the treadmill speed and incline will automatically adjust to keep your heart rate at the preferred level. By contrast, the custom programs are fully adaptable to your favored workout formula. That’s because you’re in charge of setting the speed and incline level for each of the 12 program segments, and then saving them for future use.
Other details include 10 levels of incline and five levels of decline; an EZ-Drop folding system that lowers the treadmill deck to the ground softly and lightly; and an Intelli-Guard automatic safety pause that stops the treadmill belt from moving when no one is walking or running on the treadmill.

Belt size: 20 by 56 inches
Drive motor: 2.5-horsepower continuous-duty DC
Belt type: 2 ply
Rollers: 2.5-inch tapered
Speed: 0.5 to 10 miles per hour
Incline: 10 levels
Decline: 5 levels
Deck suspension: 8 variable-density elastomers
Folding system: EZ Drop
Dimensions (full): 32 by 53 by 63.5 inches (W x H x D)
Dimensions (folded): 32 by 59 by 32 inches (W x H x D)
Capacity: 350 pounds
Warranties: Lifetime on the frame and motor, 5 years on parts, 1 year on labor
About PCE Health and Fitness
Founded in 1994 in Park City, Utah, PCE Health and Fitness has established a reputation for innovation, quality, and community responsibility. In 2001, the company introduced the LifeSpan line of fitness equipment targeting the over-55, value-conscious consumer. The award-winning line of exercise equipment is now sold by fitness retailers across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, and has grown to include both a high-value home series and a pro series that targets the high-end home user and the institutional customer. The company’s awards include a Gold Medal Excellence Award from the Industrial Design Society of America, the Treadmill Doctor Best New Treadmill of the Year, and multiple Best Buy and Recommend Buy awards from the Consumer Guide and many others.
PCE’s success stems in part from the delivery of meaningful innovation. The company truly believes that the best piece of exercise equipment is the one that you’ll use, and focuses its research and development on creating such innovations as step-counting and decline-walking in the TR2000, and the intelligent console buttons that lead customers through console operations so they don’t have a learning curve to use PCE products. The company also promotes active living and exercise as part of its beliefs and culture. PCE is a proud sponsor of the International Council on Active Aging and is a member of the Medical Fitness Association. PCE also donates equipment to local high schools and provides funding to the American Diabetes Association and various nonprofit organizations and activities.

215 of 365

215 of 365
I saw this yesterday and it seemed like the perfect picture for New Year’s, so I came back with the camera today. So many make that promise to lose weight and get in shape, then equipment like this treadmill becomes a coat rack and later ends up on the street.

Happy 2011!

(Only 150 days left on this project.)

dp treadmill